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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The Milwaukee Brewers’ season is over. With a 12-6 loss at Miller Park on Sunday night, the Brewers have been eliminated from the 2011 postseason. This year had more fireworks and more victories than all but one year in club history but for the 41st time in 41 tries, the Milwaukee Brewers will not bring home a World Series Championship.

An embarrassing Game Six to end the season will leave a sour taste in many mouths and the wrong picture in the eyes of those who did not watch this team all year. Please, do not let that be your lasting memory of this team.

Think back to 2010. This was the biggest moment at Miller Park in 2010:

That is Trevor Hoffman picking up his 600th save. It was a pretty cool moment, by itself, I guess. But it was not a cool moment if you watched him suffer and slog through a season with all his talent sapped by Father Time. And yet, here we are, players carrying him off the field with most of the bleachers empty. It was more a sigh of relief. And this was the defining moment for the Milwaukee Brewers of 2010.

The 2010 team was the kind where you could get excited about watching a Jim Edmonds or a George Kottaras play baseball. Of course, Rickie Weeks had a breakout season and Ryan Braun was excellent as usual. But the Brewers simply didn’t offer anything compelling except to baseball junkies like myself — I’ll watch Dave Bush pitch even if it kills me, dammit.

And this is the theme of Brewers baseball. There are the exceptions. I’m told 1982 was pretty awesome, but that was seven years before I was born. 1992 was a good season too even if the Brewers didn’t reach the playoffs — they were within two games. And then there was 2008, a season that bore a new generation of Brewers fans. But the rest of the time? Slim pickings, and the only way to slog through is to develop a very creepy love of Ben Sheets.

(I still miss you, Ben.)

OK. Let’s reel it in.

We have forced memories from these seasons of old, but we have real memories from this season. We have the sweep of the Cardinals in June to announce the Brewers’ true presence as National League contenders. We have the entire month of August, the 22-3 run, probably the best run of baseball we will ever see in Milwaukee and one of the best single-month runs in recent history.

We had Beast Mode. We saw Nyjer Morgan win over a town. We saw Ryan Braun play MVP-level baseball. We saw Prince Fielder hit for power as he always does on what was almost certainly his farewell tour, and we saw Rickie Weeks in the All-Star Game. Although no one pitcher put together a dominant season, we saw some of the best starting pitching the Brewers have seen in years from Zack Greinke, Yovani Gallardo, Shaun Marcum, Randy Wolf, and Chris Narveson, and we saw John Axford become one of the best relievers in the game today.

We had this:

And this:

And this:

And so much more. The Brewers gave us a NL Central championship, an NLDS victory, and a great ride through it all. There will be another pennant on the Miller Park left field wall, and even though the club didn’t get a National League pennant or a World Series Championship, that’s something to be very proud of.

The 2011 Milwaukee Brewers won’t leave the legacy they wanted to leave, but they left us so much to remember. Even as the team goes their separate ways this offseason, they will live in the hearts and minds of Brewer fans for a very long time. And even if Beast Mode leaves along with Prince Fielder this offseason, Beast Mode will never die in my heart.

Thank you, to the entire organization, for a fantastic season. And I’ll see you this spring, ready and waiting for more memories.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Bradley says: October 16, 2011

    Thanks for your work all year Jack and the rest of the Disciples team.

  2. Ken Boyer says: October 17, 2011

    “Nyjer Morgan won over an entire town?”

    Well, that tells a lot about the people of Milwaukee. If a low-class clown like that won you over, you have bigger problems than losing to the Cards. He’s a cancer. Had he kept his mouth shut (along with Greinke), maybe the Beasts would have done a little better.

  3. Fat Guy says: October 17, 2011

    I appreciate your positive attitude in the face of defeat, but how can you not show at least a little disappointment in their flat performance in the NLCS? The multiple missed opportunities, the tired, timid pitching, and the weak execution of fundamentals they’d done so well in the regular season? I know it’s been better this season than it has been in several years, but still, the team that (barely) showed up for the NLCS was not the same one we saw throughout July and August. Not at all. It leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I can barely fault the Cards for making the World Series, as much as I dislike them. The Brewers beat themselves.

  4. Colin says: October 17, 2011

    Kenny. Don’t be ridiculous. If the Cardinals need comments from a platoon outfielder to inspire their team to victory in a playoff series, they have bigger problems than the people of Milwaukee choosing to root for one of their players.

  5. JC says: October 17, 2011

    Fat Guy,
    All of us are stunned at the pitching and the defensive meltdown in the NLCS, but I applaud Jack for taking his post in that direction. This was by far the most fun I have had watching Brewers baseball. I remember 1982, but I could not watch them live or on on a daily basis back then. I remember waiting for the newspaper to arrive as a 13 year old boy waiting to go over the box score and trying to imagine how each game transpired.

    Being able to watch all of these characters who are also truly good baseball players on a daily basis brought a lot of joy to this fan.

    It was refreshing. I am optimistic for 2012. I think we have the core group of players to compete already signed. Now, management will need to compete in the off-season to build on 2011′s successes. Thanks for a truly memorable season!!!

  6. Kris says: October 17, 2011

    Kenny take a look in the mirror for christ’s sake. Carpenter isn’t exactly an angel either and is the entire reason Nyjer did what he did. And Greinke is absolutely right, Carpenter’s facade is annoying and, well, fake.

    Losing Prince hurts but with a better shortstop and third baseman, is it really impossible to forsee us scoring almost as many runs? And even if we don’t, better defense wouldn’t cost us as many runs and help us patch up a glaring weakness. Hopefully we can make some moves during the offseason. Prince being gone frees up some cash and hopefully Melvin can have another successful offseason. I’m not sure how confident I am in that happening but we’ll see.

  7. Alex B says: October 17, 2011

    I remember the ’82 season (barely, being 6 at the time) but it was exciting baseball that was played then (and I’m sure in ’78, ’79, and ’81) that turned me into a Brewers’ fan. It is my hope that my children have developed a love for baseball from this season as well as helped other people in the city of Milwaukee find joy in watching the sport.
    As for disappointment, I felt it after the first inning when we gave up 4 runs and then again in the third when we gave up another 4 right after making it a 1 run game. There was disappointment in watching Prince ground out to second for what seems to be his last at-bat as a Brewer (as well as Braun’s 0-4 game 6 performance). But there was also a lot of joy in this season as well. Jack mentions the 22-3 run, my family and I talked about how well the Brewers were playing and hoping to head to the playoffs as the Central Division Champions. We went to game 1 of the NLDS because my oldest (5 years old) asked if we wre going to go watch baseball; and then again for game 6 of the NLCS because he asked to go again. We went as a family and shared some memories and good times and also shared some heartache. I think that in the years to come we’ll be better people for spending time together watching baseball. Even if we didn’t win it all this year.

  8. Kevin says: October 17, 2011

    Ken- When you say that Nyjer was a cancer do you mean that every player on the team loved him? He propelled the team to another level and had his best year. He’s awesome when the team’s doing well. He won over the town by clearly playing as hard as he could every time he stepped on the field. I don’t understand why you feel the need to come onto this site and bash… Congrats on victory

  9. Alex B says: October 18, 2011

    Ken’s just showing us how the cards win “the right way.”
    Stay classy StL.

  10. cravizzle says: October 18, 2011

    This team was a lot of fun to follow everyday. I hope that the offseason goes well for the Crew and that they are just as fun to follow next year.

  11. Philboyd says: October 18, 2011

    Some nice perspective by Jack. Baseball is like that, many have said it is a game filled with more failure than success. That’s why this season was so special no matter how disappointed you are in how it ended.

  12. travis says: October 29, 2011

    nyjer morgan is terrible, shouldve kept his mouth shut and the brewers dont deserve to even be mentioned with a storied franchise like the cardinals. i hate to be so cut and dry but people are always looking to jump on the nearest bandwagon and dont appreciate great franchises while theyre right in front of them. i understand you are all probably from wisconsin but be realistic, your team is about as threatning to the cards as the loveable loser cubs are. the brewers are an insignificant afterthought and the cards are the best team in baseball once again. i know thats hard to choke down but hey you can always move to missouri… you guys and cub fans need to all get together and discuss next year cause hey its like the cubs always say “wait till next year!” i’ll just be waiting on a 12th world series title from the cards. see ya.


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