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Fellow Disciples of Uecker,

If you’ve been following along with the announcements here at Disciples of Uecker today (and if you haven’t, you can find them here and here), I am sure you are aware of the current changes going on at the site. As a reader since its inception, DoU served as a reputable source for Brewers news, analysis, and opinion, and primarily so because of the dedication and the drive of JP.

As Ryan and JP alluded to in their posts from earlier today, JP is stepping down from his role of lead content writer for DoU. To fill this void, Ryan contacted me about joining the staff here and being a major content contributor at the site. I’m extremely excited and anxious to get the ball rolling on Brewers talk in the upcoming days, but, given the changes occurring today, we figured that this would be a good time to familiarize myself with you, the readers, and what’s all going on at the site.

Currently, I am a freshman studying journalism at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Like most of you reading this, I have a strong sentimental connection (probably too strong) to the Brewers. In the past, I’ve written for my personal Brewers blog and over at Reviewing the Brew, another great site dedicated to all things Brew Crew related. I’ll be bringing my voice here to the site on a regular basis, which I’d like to think is a positive thing, but then again, I was once a staunch Brooks Conrad supporter.

One series I hope to start soon (next week, preferably) is the Disciples of Uecker weekly mailbag series. I’m an avid user of The Twitter and that would be a great tool to use for something like this. If nothing else, the weekly mailbag series would be an opportunity to gauge some of pressing questions around the Brewers and gather the reaction from the community.

Writing about Brewers baseball is always a much better time than is studying and worrying about Danish literature (sorry, Hans Christian, it’s not you. It’s me.), so I am thoroughly looking forward to the rest of the off-season and getting the ball rolling here at DoU. Winter meetings are soon upon us!

See you guys soon,

Curt Hogg


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