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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Since I know Jack Moore will not pen this article himself, I decided to brag about him and his accomplishments on my own.

Jack Moore started Disciples of Uecker. He has sense crafted a well-respected baseball blog with ties to ESPN and began writing for numerous other online publications, honing his art and sharpening his baseball acumen as a whole. Having had the pleasure to work with Jack on multiple sites, I can personally attest to his quality work ethic, pithy intelligence, and bizarre sleep schedule.

On Monday afternoon, Jack announced that he accepted a job with CBS Sports to write about Major League Baseball. It’s an opportunity for him to expand his audience and better showcase his talents, as very few people can write interesting and enlightening articles as succinctly and fluidly as can Jack. Those skills have long been apparent to those reading Disciples of Uecker and will now become appreciated on a national stage.

The exciting move for Jack will not result in any changes here at Disciples of Uecker. Jack and I will still run the show here with a plethora of help from Ryan, Jaymes, Nick, Alex, Tim, and Anthony. The quality of articles will continue to improve, and we will continue to strive to bring new and interesting content your way on a daily basis.

A hearty congratulations to Jack, though, who deserves absolutely everything positive that will come his way at CBS Sports. The company is lucky to have someone like Jack aboard. I’m excited to witness his growth during this new chapter in his burgeoning sports-writing career.

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