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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

Most of the time, the purpose of this site is objective analysis of the Milwaukee Brewers, their play, and their organizational processes. Sometimes, though, this site (and its venerable owner) plays the part of fan.

As a fan, yesterday’s game sucked. Forget the back-to-back homers and all the offense and Gallardo’s good outin and Saito’s solid debut. Forget all of that. Ramon Hernandez ruined it all when he socked that John Axford fastball over the right field fence.

Obviously, seeing as I not only write this blog but also for three other baseball publications and I have four fantasy baseball teams and I still play baseball for the club at the University of Wisconsin (time to breathe…), I’m not just a Brewers fan. I’m a baseball fan. I love everything about baseball. So, on opening day, I should be ready to watch baseball all day.

But I couldn’t do it. Every time I tried to turn on a game (except for SD/STL, which was inexplicably blacked out in Madison), images of that Hernandez home run and the pain of blowing a game in which we so outplayed the opposition for 8.5 innings crept back into my head. So instead, I tuned into NBA on TNT, watched the Boston Celtics beat the San Antonio Spurs, and avoided baseball highlights as much as I could.

As the game completed, I said to my roommates “at least there’s tomorrow.” Of course, I forgot that due to the weird way MLB is running opening weekend, there isn’t actually a game today. So instead I have to spend all day stewing over the loss.

Personally, I’ve been attempting to reach a sort of “zen” with my fandom – one where I’m happy with wins and not too impacted by losses. Obviously, I have not quite reached that point yet. Today has absolutely sucked because I can’t watch my Brewers at least attempt to erase the pain of yesterday’s game.

Oh well, at least there’s tomorrow.

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