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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

“How many times do you think the bunt will be used this season?” @DidBrewersBunt

Presented without comment.

“If Scooter wasn’t called Scooter how many fewer jerseys would the team sell?”@BadgerNoonan

Even if he was called Ryan–his actual name–I’m fairly sure he still would have hit .324/.356/.479 last season. But it’s marketing. And people like dScooter. It’s gritty. And fun. And, more than anything, different than Rickie Weeks. And people like that.

Side note: Until the name Scoots McGee is full-on adopted, he’s still going to be Ryan Gennett to me.

“What platoon concerns you more: 2nd or 1st base?” @mbahlman

I’m going to come out and say it now: I think we’ll see either Weeks or Juan Francisco or Mark Reynolds play significant time at third base (behind Aramis Ramirez, of course). The Brewers may very well carry an extra infielder this season. Francisco, Reynolds, Weeks, Gennett, Jean Segura, Jeff Bianchi, Ramirez. Bianchi doesn’t do all too much better than, say, Irving Falu DFA-ing Bianchi would place him on waivers and he provides shortstop depth, so I think he makes it.

Anyway, the question at hand. The pessimism over the first base situation isn’t something I’m buying into and, actually, I’m more concerned about the second base situation than anything.

At first, the Brewers know that Francisco and Reynolds will strike out. A lot. They’ll also hit a lot of homers, too. If (and that’s a big if) Roenicke doesn’t let Francisco see a glimpse of left-handed pitching (career 36.6 K%, 17 wRC+), it could work out. He started drawing more walks in the second half last season despite a drop in his batting. Neither Reynolds nor Francisco is expected to carry the offense; they’re actually projected to be among the worst players among regulars on the Brewers. I’m not concerned because I know they’ll strike out a lot. Neither will probably hit over .240. But if they split time at first base, a combined 35-homer, .320 OBP would well live up to and even out-perform what they’re being paid to do.

The second base platoon makes me a bit more uneasy. The Brewers seem to be giving the reigns over to Gennett at second base after a strong rookie campaign. But for those expected him to maintain that production in 2014, you might want to reassess. His .356 OBP was good, but it was aided by a .380 BABIP and power surge that was seemingly out of nowhere. The odds of Gennett having a big drop off compared to the Brewers expectations for him are much more likely than Francisco or Reynolds. And I haven’t even touched on whether the Brewers want to try to give Weeks playing time between second and third, eventually just run him out of town, give him significant playing time over Gennett, trade him, or just send him to Dave Bush Purgatory.

“What’s your favorite alternate jersey, and what deserves to be sent wherever they sent “Denver Broncos Super Bowl Champs” stuff?” @KyleAshauer

I’ve been told I can’t pick the Ninja Brewers again. That sucks.

Are the Brewers looking to roll out (literally) the alternate home blue body paint uniforms on Juan Francisco this season? If so, that’s my winner.

If not, I’ll go with the retro ball-and-glove because of course. And can we please send those bile-colored uniforms that Wily Peralta seems to love unconditionally somewhere that USPS can’t track them anymore so that they never return.

“Is Tyler Thornburg done as a starter?” @junesfoshiz

Tyler Thornburg is not done as a starter. That would make me sad.
“Who pitches more innings in the starting rotation, Matt Garza or Tyler Thornburg?” @SteveGarczysnki
YES A MATT GARZA QUESTION. Time to go on a Matt Garza tangent.
I’m a big fan of the Garza signing. It solidifies any chance the Brewers have at competing for the next four (possibly five?) years–even though much of that will come from the farm system that Keith Law and almost every prospect pundit seems to think is the worst thing since Pittsburgh started racing pierogies. It won’t eat up too much salary, especially if the Brewers don’t hold onto Yovani Gallardo or Kyle Lohse when their contracts expire. And I get to say “Matt Gawza” kinda like Steve Berthiaume used to do on Baseball Tonight.
Even with the injuries that are bound to happen, it’s tough to see Thornburg making more than, say, 20 starts. Will Smith, Jimmy Nelson, and Johnny Hellweg will likely also make starts for the team in 2014. Matt Garza could blow his rotator’s cuff in his first start and miss the entire season, but I’m going to take a leap of faith and say he makes 30 starts in 2014.




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