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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

“Why did the Brewers chose not to bring anyone up for Maldonado? It seems awfully risky to only have 1 catcher active…. who is the emergency catcher?” -Garret Strachota (Facebook)

MLB rules don’t designate that a team can bring up another player in the event of a suspension, otherwise we would probably see Robinson Diaz called up to replace Maldonado for these three remaining games. Even though he’s suspended, Maldonado is still on the active roster. This is mostly so that players and teams are punished in some severity for doling out black eyes like free food during syllabus week at college. Even if MLB rules permitted bringing someone up for five days, my gut tells me that Diaz probably wouldn’t be getting much playing time over Jonathan Lucroy.

To answer the second part of the question, Elian Herrera is the emergency catcher with noted emergency catcher Logan Schafer on the disabled list. And then the emergency catcher’s emergency catcher is Jeff Bianchi.

Scooter’s probably just so pleased with himself every time he fits a bigger wad of gum in his mouth. Why? Because he knows that, upon arrival in the dugout, bench coach Jerry Narron will have a couple more stickers in his helmet cubbie. They will get added to a collection he’s got going in a folder in his locker, out of site of the media so that nobody questions his #grit.

Well this one’s not really a question, but I can’t blame Kyle. He has a UW-Madison education and they probably don’t teach too much very well over there.

To fulfill his command:

1)      Scoots McGee (duh).

2)      Carlos Gomez (right, Gerrit Cole?)

3)      Martin Maldonado (not technically an everyday starter, but, I mean, he has to be included.

4)      Jean Segura (it’s in the #cheeks)

5)      Khris Davis (eye black adds lots of #grit points)

6)      Jonathan Lucroy (Bill Schroeder has him higher in his Grit Rankings)

7)      Mark Reynolds (gritty home runs…I think?)

8)      Ryan Braun (It takes some #grit to shut up Phillies fans)

9)      Aramis Ramirez (Will trade grit and hustle for healthy knees and hamstrings)


For a team to want Rickie Weeks, they would really, really have to see something they like enough to overlook the glaring $11 million staring at them. He’s started off slow and looks like he will only get starts strictly against left-handed starting pitchers, but, that said, there’s enough time to turn it around. I would consider the odds highly unlikely at this time, especially considering how difficult it is to get hot when you’re not even sure if you’ll get a plate appearance in a game. The only team I could think that has a need and would be able to take on that salary would be the Yankees, whose only full-time right-handed infield bat is Derek Jeter. If Rickie flashes some power, there could be a chance. An outsider’s long chance, but, nonetheless, a chance.

Pay the man, Shirley.

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