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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

“Khris Davis, for real? Or flash in the pan?” -@IgnitorKid

He likely won’t keep up his .593 slugging and .316 ISO that he posted in 153 plate appearances last year, but Khris Davis is for real. He made some clear mechanical adjustments to quicken up his swing between his first and second call-ups last season and the results paid off. In the second half, he was fifth in all of baseball in wRC+ at 175, finishing ahead of Miguel Cabrera, Freddie Freeman, and Joey Votto.

His power numbers were aided by a 28.9 HR/FB, which, if it regresses even by 10 percent (still leaving it well above league average), would lower his slugging to the low-.500s/high-.400s. Not all his numbers were inflated by just a sample of luck in 153 PAs, though, which is why I say the kid is for real. He hit line drives on 20.1 percent of pitches, his plate discipline was better than we expected, and Brooks Baseball gives him an “exceptionally good eye” on breaking pitches (81% swing rate at pitches in the zone, 37% on out of the zone), and he showed a knack for driving runners in (9.54 RE24, 1.07 pLI).

Maybe even more than any numbers, just take a look at the Brewers track record with bringing up prospects that become good major league hitters. Obviously there’s Ryan Braun and there’s Prince Fielder, and Davis is not either of those. He won’t be a 5-win guy without a significant defensive improvement, but in terms of turning getting players to reach their supposed “ceilings”, the Brewers do one of the best jobs in baseball. Jean Segura, Corey Hart, Jonathan Lucroy, Carlos Gomez were all nice surprises at the dish and Davis could very well join that list.

“Which Brewer would give the best dramatic reading of Green Eggs and Ham?” -@KyleAshauer

I think that if you’re going for the player to step up to the table and volunteer first, you have to go with Kyle Lohse simply because the man exudes #leadership. Part of me wants Jimmy Nelson‘s southern drawl to narrate a Dr. Seuss classic, also. But for pure dramatic effect, the answer is Ryan Braun. He knows how to speak dramatically and engage an audience. Trust me.

“Is there any chance, assuming no injuries, that the opening day SP are anything but Yo, Lohse, Garza, Wily, and Marco?” -@nolanolanolan

Yes, there is a chance. Albeit considerably low (and kind of dumb), I think it would have to be the organization really pressing Tyler Thornburg to start–which I’m sure he will get a shot at eventually this season–and moving Marco Estrada to the bullpen. There’s been amble discussion of whether Thornburg fits best in relief or as a starter. For the Brewers, it’s best to find that out eventually, but not to rush it when the five guys they currently have is fringing on an average rotation.

“What alternate third uniform do you see the Brewers rocking this year?” 

Two weeks, two uniform questions. I like this. Here are some ideas.

A) It’s impossible to “rock” the bile-colored uniforms.

B) Apparently the “Ninja Brewers” is not a set of alternate uniforms.

C) The blue alternate home and road uniforms are nice and everything but I feel like answering one of those would be parallel to kissing your sister.

D) All deductive reasoning is leading to the “Cerveceros” jerseys as the correct choice here. Hopefully the Brewers can pull out an all-Hispanic lineup for that game, too. This would require Yovani Gallardo and Wily Peralta to play in the outfield, but if you’re opposed to that, then I don’t know anymore.



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