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We'd like to go to the Playoffs, that would be cool.

The importance of the Opening Day roster and the last few guys to make the cut is always a little overblown — there’s always so much movement with those final two or three spots that it doesn’t really matter who starts out there — but it’s still fun to talk about. Plus, it’s a nice reminder that HEY BASEBALL STARTS ON MONDAY.

The Brewers made their 2013 Opening Day roster official following their final exhibition game of the spring today. In all, there will be two catchers, five infielders, five outfielders and 13 pitchers. The last two spots on the 25-man roster went to reliever Alfredo Figaro and left fielder/designated pinch hitter Khris Davis.

The full squad:

First pitch of the season is at 1:10 p.m. on Monday, but you probably already knew that.

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Tell us what do you think.

  1. Dustin says: March 30, 2013


    5 outfielders. I was really hoping Davis would make the roster but i wasn’t sure if our needs would allow it

  2. Phil says: March 30, 2013

    80 wins at most. Never should have signed Lohse. The future has been mortgaged and our minor league roster was very weak as it is.

    • tv tim says: March 31, 2013

      So how many wins, o’ wise one, were you prognosticating for this year before they signed Lohse? It would have to be something less than 80 I’d imagine.

      A first round draft pick is less valuable in baseball than in any other major sport. I know they’re seen as more valuable than they used to be, but they’re still a very uncertain asset in baseball. Look at Bradley and Jungman, for instance, not really burning up the ladder to the big leagues, eh?

      This was a good signing considering their lack of starting pitching. And it’s Attanaiso’s money, so people should be shut up and be happy the Brewers have a good owner who wants to field a competitive club every year.

  3. Jeff Fletcher says: March 30, 2013

    Who did we get rid of to open up a spot on the 40 man roster for Figaro? Also when I looked at the transactions we’ve lost 3 relievers to trade in the last couple weeks. Do we really have that many good arms available? I thought Stinson was pretty good and I think it’s too bad he’s gone. But Travis Blackley just got DA’d by Oakland. Since we’re not sure about Rogers, there’s not really a spot for him, and he’s out of options; why not try and trade him for Blackley. He would be a lefty who could spot start, long relieve, or be in the minors and did well last season

    • Bry Jones says: March 30, 2013

      Stinson was the last guy that we lost…while we can’t really “afford” to lose a ton of arms, it doesn’t hurt too bad to lose the fringe guys that are too old to be prospects but too marginal to be solid contributors. Stinson falls into that category, as does Jairo Asencio…Guess we just have to trust Doug :O lol

  4. CJ says: March 31, 2013

    I don’t think all those other things really matter. Their pitching, bullpen and defense are all average. However, if Rickie plays great, the Brewers will be great. Plus I like their aggressive base running and Aoki reminds me of Ricky Henderson in that Aoki steals at questionable times during a game. I hope that base running gives the Crew an edge, making pitchers worry about the runner instead of the batter. My only concern to start the season is if Ramirez will be super cold as he is a second half player. Who would pick up his (and Corey Hart’s) missing production in the first 2 months and will the pitching be below average the first 2 months? Regarding draft picks, just recall that 1st round pick from Indiana (don’t remember his name). Plus its not like the Crew acquires Type A Free Agents every year, when was the last time they did that?

  5. CJ says: March 31, 2013

    In the NL, there are only a few other teams marginally better. No team is heads and shoulders better. Perhaps the Nats but they have a lot a expectations and lack veterans accustomed to winning to navigate those expectations. In the Central, I think MKE has a great chance; Lohse did more for them confidence wise than in the stat book. I am excited for them and don’t see stiff competition from the Cardinals or Reds.

    • Jennings says: April 1, 2013

      No stiff competition? The Reds will field a team better than last year’s, with Votto and Bruce leading the way with their bats, Phillips with his fielding, and great pitching up and down. I’m hoping the Brewers take the Central, but I think you should take another look at the Reds roster.

      • Clay says: April 1, 2013

        Shoo is not the same player he was in Cleveland; Phillips is older; Votto is becoming an injury risk; Bruce strikes out a ton; And Frazier / Arroyo exceeded expectations last year along with Broxton (meltdown in waiting). Cinci put everything together last year. Latos is coming into his own and could be extremely dominant this year, along with Homer Bailey. I think the division winner will be at 88 games and will be a contest of which team keeps its stars healthy.


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